Saturday, August 7, 2010

to YOU

the more you know, the more you know you don't know, this is so true ...
I though I know, but now I'm not sure ...

I must be dumb enough that I din't catch what they mean ... dad went back to visit ahma
he must be missing ahma alot

they ask me alot about the changes on you ... I might be right, or I left out you too
scared of lost trek about the people around us, we tried to update ourself ... we got so down
its hard to get balance, indeed

Family, ironically, we din bother to updates ourself, knowing that they wont left you out ... sometimes they just like to compare, however, all of us proud of you
dont let the reality beat you down, you are just meant for another path, which is longer, think of the journey the process, you clear we also clear that, it's what you want. what means for you

the bits and pieces that belongs to our family ...
breakfast with plain bread and jam
road trips, seafood n paddy field ... outdated internet connection
nowhere like home ...

to love people who love you
why we cant?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Year 2

Half a year past, its been not cool, not outstaning, not to be proud of. Now, August, me stepping into 2nd year of architorturing!

I wanna to be Me, the 'siao' 1...I'm gotta realise every impossible!! I don't want to hate anythings.
Moving forwards to create a cool zhimin's life story =)

I dun like my blog to be jux a dumper to throw my stress. I'm gotta stop blogging

Monday, July 20, 2009



我照着原有的规则, 没有犯规, 没有意外, 夏天就这样淡淡地快要过. 开始觉得,'淡淡' 挺适合我的;在这城市,我穿梭人群;各种阶级,各种故事,形形色色,我平淡的留下痕迹.



Wednesday, June 17, 2009

To Unscrew

Life screw when....
everythings screw lar.......

when your accepted design turns into crap..and you don't know how to refine it
when there's contradictions
you try your best..
you tried...and you know it gotta dissapoint everyone when you not suppose to be

screw when your greds are red...and you are waiting for holiday everyday...
and one day you realiza, you lost love in architecture because of all the traps...

Final exam is near, final review of design studio is near...and
when your new lappie is consistantly not functioning well....ooh,my life screw...

when life screw, your face is adorn with pimplesss and you founds fats...
Fats which located in wrong location of your body..gosh,I got tummy!!

screw when sleep is more preferable than exercise
screw when you admire someone who is so close yet soosoo far
screw when you are a useless person

unsrew me..pls...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My bridge is falling down

My piles of emotions collapsed ….. Silently…
I have no sign, no direction, no spirit, no more energy
Now, I really need a voice, a shoulder
Tell me, just leave it to you …. Can I ?? I really tired edy
I’m just so fake!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009


华语?? 因为发掘怎样打华语了 理由很简单

我的快乐 也很简单



做我喜欢的设计 快乐真的很简单

可是我的快乐 很短暂

突然发觉 答应自己的 都没做好

所要的 追求的 就那么的不真实

一些重要的 似乎被遗忘了 默默的

我的快乐 很短暂

有些无理的 多余的 烦恼 把简单的 暗杀了

烦恼 剪不断 理还乱

透明,半透明的 障碍 有点难 跨越

种在心里的 更难 跨越了

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Save my blog from commit suicide!!

What's your impression on me??

That tall girl who jumping around?talk laughly...abit"chi xin"...energetic..outgoing...

Well...none of them apply to me recently.Many of my friends was saying that I looks sick, moody, dull, bad, overchill, pale, blank...(AND THEY DONT LIKE IT)

It's only 6 or 7 weeks of my 2nd semester, I feel its like 2 or 3 months over dy.Life....still as hectic as usual, though my classmates found its much more free than last sem. It's all caused by my inefficeincy, carelessness.... I normally need more time to finish up my project, I knew it

I tend to be more focus, this semester. And, to sleep early is also my new year resoluiton!!hahaa.. RESULT of my determination >> so far, my project still so last minute...n my gred, its unsatisfactory, since its still some distance towards what I'm aiming.
I had done my best, n yeah, what to do? Btw, I din't regret of it, since I had done my best!

Sometimes, I still doubt...I wonder..I should have work even harder, so it can be better....
Hmn, architecture can make ppl despo!!

I have been away from my dearest sunshine, my green green sky and my blue blue sea for awhile, I fail my 11th resolution of 2009, which is do exercise as least twice a week. Arrg...tak boleh tahan lagi la.

I'm going to RALEIGH monthly metting this saturday. A half a day of my weekend, to recharge myself perhaps its the better way to keep me moving!!

I'm working hard to keep everyday solve problem and meet new problems again. Btw glad that got my new 'bf' dy, which eventually makes assignments move more smoothly (cant imagine without it). Transportation still my big troubles, I become so impatient, I speak badwords more than last time...damn...(sob,I should be good la~)

I don't care how many ppl 'll read my long blog till here, it's just my way to express my emotion!! EMOTION!! I should look forward! and I cant help on the changes in me!
I still in love with architecture